Social Media

1. Why is social media important in the workplace?

Social Media is important in the workplace because it makes employees approachable, allowing for transparent conversations with customers and quick response to customer concerns. It’s also important because you can communicate a crisis (bad event) very quick to others.

2. What is Social Media?

Social Media can take many different forms, including Internet discussion forums, blogs, podcasts, online videos, and wiki. It can be used to transmit information about the company, its personnel, and its products and services.

3. What are two examples of social media used for business/ in the workplace?

  • LinkedIn– A business-oriented social networking site
  • Meetup– An online social networking site that facilitates group meetings and allows members to join groups by common interests.

4. What is a blog? What are two ways it might be used for business?

A blog is created online and can include text, graphics, and links to other Web sites. Blogs are used to publish daily thoughts. Two ways it might be used for business are:

  • To communicate with colleagues
  • To communicate with customers

5. Have you ever used a blog, either personal or professional? If so, provide details (how did you decide to create a blog, what site did you use,etc). If not, why?

This is my first time using a blog. I’ve never created a blog because I’ve never been asked to and I don’t want to post personal thoughts on the Internet.

6. Do you think that a blog would be beneficial for business? Why or why not?

Yes I think a blog would be beneficial for business because they can connect with customers and be able to communicate more effectively about their services and products.

7. Provide links to at least two blogs of interest to you.